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Your Reliable Private Detective

Do you need a private detective in Detroit, MI? Do you need to get a hold of proof to help you prove your claims? You need the services of the experts. Hire Bleu Wing Investigations Inc. We can help you in so many ways.

Do you know that Bleu Wing Investigations Inc is the top private detective firm in Detroit, MI? Countless customers have sought our help when they are at their wits’ end how to give solutions to their predicaments. They trust us because we get the job done. We will help you unburden the stress that you feel too. We can get the proof that you seek.

We can help you in the following matters:

  • Divorce. When you suspect the infidelity of your spouse, you can hire us for investigation. Our professional investigators are skilled in surveillance. They can find out the where and with whom your partner goes. You will have the necessary proof to initiate a divorce case.
  • Vehicle repossession. And if you are a lender of money who accepts vehicles as collaterals, vehicle repossession must be usual to you. The problem is you do not know where your vehicle is. Here is where we come into the picture. Our professionals are trained in tracking vehicles. We can find your vehicles wherever they are.
  • Insurance claims. Moreover, claiming your insurance proceeds might not be as easy as you expect it to be. Your insurance company may require you to present documents, pictures, and other evidence to prove that you are entitled to your claims. We can help you get them!

Our professionals have wide connections. They can easily procure your needed documents. They can also track witnesses and find the photos you need. With our help, you can get your claims from the insurance company.

We can help you in other matters too! So make us your private detective contractor now!If you want to know more about what we can do for you, call us now at (734) 624-1235!