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Survelliance Specialist

Do you feel that your business partner is committing fraudulent business activities behind your back? Is your spouse having an illicit extramarital affair? You need to acquire the necessary information to confirm your suspicions. Retrieving impertinent information is not easy. It requires having the right skills and the appropriate network of individuals. This work is potentially hazardous for you to do alone. Your best bet is to hire a detective company in Detroit, MI to do it for you.

You can’t just book any local investigator. Chances are you are required to share personal and important information to him or her. If you want to hire a trustworthy detective to assist you, then it’s time to give Bleu Wing Investigations Inc a visit. Private investigation is a job that requires knowledge and the right set of skills to get the information you need without being detected.

Our team of investigators has the experience and the appropriate skill set to get the job done. We are known for providing high-quality investigation services for every individual need. We specialize in criminal, divorce, custody and surveillance service. Do you need a divorce private investigator? We have a dedicated team of divorce private investigators who can help you prove your spouse’s infidelity and win custody over your children. We work with our clients in order to get the necessary leads for our investigation.

Bleu Wing Investigations Inc is licensed and certified to assist you with your individual problems. Other services that we offer include conducting background investigations, retrieving public records, and organizing training programs including bank teller training. Our services are very affordable and perfect for any budget that you have in your pocket. We are committed to delivering impeccable investigations to our customers.

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