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Our Private Investigation Services Provide You with the Information When You Need It

There are companies and individuals today that need the right information. They want credible data to make sound business or personal decisions. A private investigation service will help you get the data and information you need discreetly.

Since 2003, we, at Bleu Wing Investigations Inc, have been the go-to experts when it comes to investigation services. We have a team of specialists who are meticulous and thorough when handling every case we get. They acquire important information to prove frauds, infidelity, and more.

Our company is located in Detroit, MI. For years, we have helped residents confirm their suspicion. If you want a trusted investigator, choose us.

Check out the private investigation services we offer:

  • Divorce and Custody Investigation – Do you feel your spouse is having an affair? Have us take a look at it to confirm your suspicions. Our team will survey and gather data to track your spouse’s footsteps. With messages and photo evidence, we will help you get a swift divorce.Not only that, but we also gather evidence of neglect to give you full custody of your children. During this tough battle, you need us to help you escape a bad marriage. Hire our competent investigators to win your children’s custody.
  • Fraudulent Insurance Claims – Your insurance company is vulnerable to fraudulent claims. We help you identify the legitimate claims through medical and background checks. We will find out if the injuries of those who have filed claims are not caused by previous accidents. Also, we look into their records to find out about their previous claims. Our background check ensures you that they are not exaggerating their insurance claims.
  • Criminal Cases – If your monthly numbers no longer add up, get us to investigate your business. We will follow the money to determine illegal activities. Have us check your accounts, and we will find which business partner is swindling your money. Our private investigation tracks the whereabouts of your money. We perform our job quickly to prevent the frauds from getting away. Hire our investigator to keep track of your money.

Here, at Bleu Wing Investigations Inc, we offer the best private investigation services in Detroit, MI. We do our job with great efficiency while providing excellent customer care. Book our investigator today at (734) 624-1235. Call today!