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Lawsuits and Suspicions

By on 05/04/2017

When to call a private investigation company

Divorces, suspicions of being stalked, corporate law violations, insurance frauds -there are many reasons for a person to want to hire a professional private investigation company. Often, professionals of this type are hired to assist a lawyer in obtaining valuable information which they can use to their clients’ advantage in court. However, there are other situations where a private investigator can help.

  • Insurance frauds – One of the situations in which you may want to hire a P.I. is when you suspect an insurance fraud. This kind of event occurs when an act is done with the intention to obtain a benefit a person is not entitled to. In such cases, contracting an insurance investigator can help you to obtain the evidence necessary to sue the person responsible for the fraud. If for instance, someone has claimed to be with a broken leg to obtain money, a P.I can help to disprove their claim.  An insurance investigator can also help in cases of corporate insurance scams.
  • Divorce investigation  – A P.I can assist in situations when you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful to you. By obtaining proof of infidelity, hidden bank accounts and other unsavory secrets they can help you win custody over the children or increase the child support. They can also help in cases when there is domestic abuse at home. By hiring a professional P.I to perform divorce investigations you can acquire the information necessary to free the abused from the control of the abuser.

Hiring a professional private investigation company such as Bleu Wing Investigations Inc in Detroit, MI can help you and your lawyer to win the case in court. Whether it is a divorce, insurance fraud, domestic abuse or other reason, hiring an experienced private investigator can help you to gain the valuable information needed to change the outcome of the lawsuit.


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