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Leave the Divorce Investigations to Us!

Do you want to file a divorce yet you feel that you do not have enough fighting chance for a favorable outcome? You may need to do some divorce investigations. For that, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc is here in Detroit, MI for you. We can help you find whatever you need to tilt the scales in your favor.

[Cn] is the premier private detective firm in Detroit, MI. We specialize in surveillance services for divorce cases. A significant number of customers owe us their gratitude because we helped them in getting the most favorable results from their divorce cases.

  • Sufficient Cause. Part of our divorce investigations is to find sufficient cause to initiate a divorce case. So when you are suspecting that your spouse has been unfaithful, you can have us investigate the matter. Our professional investigators are skilled in surveillance. Our professionals will tail where and with whom your spouse goes. You can use the proof of infidelity to file for divorce.
  • Custody. You will also have a better chance to win the custody of your children when you avail our services. You can tell us what you need us to find out and we will procure your needed evidence. Our methods will ensure you great results. Our professionals can help you prove that you are the best choice for the custody of your children.
  • Support. Meanwhile, we can also help you prove that your spouse is liable to give you support. Our professional investigators are widely connected. They can get the documents you need to prove your claim of support.

So make us your private detective contractor now! Our divorce investigations will enhance your claims in the divorce case. All you need to do is tell us what you want to investigate on.

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